Cedric Anderson

I develop searcheable, meaningful websites, and teach others how to do it. I enjoy working on unconventional projects. I work in Français, English and Español. I currently teach at CDI College.

1 WordPress Themes.
Older (Done, not online or changed since)
Jonathan Villeneuve2018 WordPress theme
Espace Garage Plus2014-2017 Adwords campaigns.
Clinique de l'alternative2012- Creation of a searcheable, accessible, responsive, static website.
Grand Séminaire de Montréal 2016-2017 Adwords Campaigns
Johanne Mathieu 2017 WordPress theme.
La machine à web 2013-2016 Creation of a searcheable, accessible, responsive static website. Adwords Campaigns, Facebook ads, Community management
Inarte Journal, Concordia University 2015 Creation of a WordPress theme.
Fofa Gallery, Concordia University 2013 Creation of a responsive WordPress theme
ITHQ 2011-2013 Integration, creation, Adwords Campaigns, Ads banners, intranet
C.F.P. Leonard De Vinci 2011 Creation of a WordPress theme
R.A.I.S. Valencia 2010 Creation of a WordPress theme
Zone C 2007 Consultation, creation of corporative flash animations
Fofa Gallery, Concordia University 2007 Creation of a static website
Cynthia Hammond 2007 Creation of a static website (Design Cynthia Hammond)
Multiproduction 2005-2007 Consultation, creation of interactive DVD
Iraida Noriega Mexico, D.F. 2004 Creation of a promotional CD, creation of a static website
Studio de photo François Pierre 2003 Graphic designer
Des jeunes chez eux partout Brussels 2003 Sound technician, video editor
Centro de la imagen Mexico D.F. 2003 Creation of the multimedia department's website